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Pinetrim Plus

Embrace quality craftsmanship with Pinetrim Plus, a meticulously crafted solution designed to elevate your spaces. Derived from sustainable plantation-grown Pine, this primed moulding offers a flawless canvas for your creativity.

Versatile Design: Pinetrim Plus isn’t just a moulding; it’s a testament to precision. Its flawlessness, derived from sustainable Pine, is a versatile design element. Removing knots and imperfections ensures a pristine surface, inviting seamless integration into various architectural styles. This primed offering boasts exceptional workability, allowing effortless customisation and finishing, empowering you to shape your spaces with finesse and grace.

Sustainability at its Core: Crafted from sustainable plantation-grown Pine, Pinetrim Plus embodies eco-conscious design. Beyond its aesthetic allure, it champions sustainability. Utilising a manufacturing process that meticulously removes defects while preserving the material’s innate qualities becomes a responsible choice for environmentally conscious projects. Embrace both elegance and sustainability in your creations with Pinetrim Plus.

Premium Craftsmanship: Pinetrim Plus isn’t about aesthetics; it is a product of premium craftsmanship. Carefully finger-jointed for enhanced stability, it guarantees lasting quality. Removing knots and visible imperfections sets a standard of excellence, ensuring each piece embodies quality. Pre-primed and ready for your preferred finish, it offers beauty and ease of application, making it the prime choice for those seeking perfection in every detail.

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