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At VJ Plus, we take pride in offering Plywood sheets that are not only durable but also a testament to quality and craftsmanship.

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Introducing PlyPLUS, our premium collection of Hardwood Plywood Sheets, meticulously crafted from responsibly harvested Medium Density Hardwood logs. These sheets boast the highest-grade timber veneers, ensuring unparalleled quality and durability for your projects.

With V Groove profiling tailored to your preferences (86mm, 100mm, 150mm spacing), PlyPLUS is perfect for semi-exterior applications, enhancing the charm of decks, patios, and soffit areas. Featuring a concealed joining system with a plastic polymer tongue, these sheets offer seamless installations.

Available in 1220mm width and 9mm thickness, PlyPLUS comes in two convenient sizes (2440mm and 3050mm). To ensure longevity, we recommend applying a suitable water-based exterior paint on both sides, safeguarding the sheets against the elements, even in partially exposed environments.

Experience the excellence of PlyPLUS and elevate your construction projects with the finest hardwood plywood sheets available. Unlock the potential of your designs with PlyPLUS, the epitome of durability and style.

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