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Silktrim MDF

Crafted from highly moisture-resistant medium-density fiberboard (HMR MDF), Silktrim mouldings boast a superior construction that ensures durability while being environmentally conscious with low formaldehyde levels (E0)

Effortless Installation, Exceptional Finish: Silktrim mouldings redefine simplicity and speed in installation without compromising on quality. Designed for straightforward and swift installation, they provide a flawless primer, facilitating an exceptional paint finish. This ease of use, combined with superior engineering, makes Silktrim the preferred choice for final fit-out stages in both residential and commercial spaces.

Elegance in Style and Stability: With Silktrim, elegance meets stability through its engineered construction and elegant styles. This sought-after range offers a seamless balance between sophistication and resilience. Engineered for stability, these mouldings enhance the aesthetic appeal of interiors, elevating the final stages of home and commercial development with their refined finishing touch.

Innovation Redefined: The hallmark of Silktrim lies in its innovative approach to priming systems. Utilizing cutting-edge formulations, this range ensures a prime coating that surpasses market standards. Embracing innovation and quality, Silktrim stands as a benchmark for exceptional pre-finishing coats, revolutionizing interior enhancements with its effortless installation and remarkable finishing capabilities.

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EO (E-zero) rated - Emission-Oriented Medium Density Fiberboard