VJ Plywood Sheets

Hardwood Plywood Sheets manufactured from selectively & responsibly harvested Medium Density Hardwood logs, which are processed into the highest premium grade timber veneers for the product of this high-grade plywood.

The Ply sheets are profiled with the V Groove to customers requested spacing i.e 100mm, 133mm, 150mm centres for use on semi-exterior application on decks and under patio and soffit areas. These sheets have a plastic polymer tongue, providing a hidden joining system which allows for off-stud joining. The sheets are 1200mm wide, 9mm thick and are available in two sizes, 2440mm and 3050mm

In exterior applications, the product must be adequately protected by the use of a suitable, water based, exterior paint on both sides of the sheet, irrespective of whether the sides are exposed to the weather or not. Contact a reputable paint supplier and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Please contact us to discuss your individual needs, or for detailed pricing